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In a world where every day is becoming more defiant to fulfill the daily objectives, “South Drinks” based in the beautiful city of Münster in Germany, is creating intelligent nourishing solutions and innovative products, which aim to provide our customers with the natural energy they need to surpass everyday challenges.

South Drinks recognizes that the world is constantly changing, the routines of the human being are getting more intense and demanding. We are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance in almost every activity during the day. This phenomenon is for example reflected in the more extensive working day, the lately retirement age and the increasingly workload. as much as by the different types of sports, where sportsmen and sportswomen are always trying to achieve the best performance.

In order to solve this need, people consume natural and synthetic products, which kind of support their bodies to overcome the fatigue and regenerate themselves from the wear and tear and so improve their productivity and efficiency. The central point of our company is to solve this need for our customers and so help them feel healthier and better with their bodies.


South Drinks vision is to be one of the most important distributor of Bio products in Europe and at the same time propel the development of Colombia by internationalizing and promoting natural quality products based on local natural ingredients as our principal component .Panela, which is especially produced by some of the poorest habitants of the country. South Drinks is looking to expand the channels of distribution for our products and cover all the locations in Germany and in Europe.


South Drinks mission is to have a successful reception in the German Bio market. South Drinks GmbH wants to become a company which offers solutions in natural and healthy ways for the daily nourishing necessities of its customers. With our revitalizing and detoxifying products, South Drinks doesn’t pretend just to make our customers feel better with their bodies and health, but also to balance the social and economic inequalities in Colombia.


• To create a brand loyalty to our products within generations Y and X (Millennials), as their primary source of nourishment to invigorate their body and mind.

• To communicate the benefits of the daily consume of “Panela” and achieve (positive?) recognition for our home country through the world.

• To enter in the German Bio market with innovative products by building awareness of their high performance and quality.

• To improve the quality of life of our customers by offering them products that favour a healthy life style.

Our Team

Carlos Gonzalez

Carlos González

Marketing Director
Mario Velez

Mario Vélez

Chief of Operations and Business Development
David Sanchez

David Sánchez

Chief Business and Financial Processes 
Diego Hernandez

Diego Hernández

Operations Manager
Daniel Hinestroza

Daniel Hinestroza

Marketing Specialist
Communication Manager Sebastian Forero

Sebastián Forero

Communication Manager


KUIBA, Vitalizing Drink

Is projected as the first product by the startup South Drinks GmbH that will be launched in the German market.

Kuiba’s competitive advantage and greatest feature is its composition from Panela (as main ingredient), guarana and lemon. The name’s selection, as well as the can design and all graphic pieces destined to the promotion of Kuiba, are based on pre-Columbian features with saturated colors which highlights the vivacity and energy of the beverage, without leaving aside the natural and organic aspects that characterize and differentiate Kuiba.

The name comes from an old and extinct Indian tribe settled on the Colombian eastern plains, which were well known for their use of Panela in their agriculture.

Kuiba wants to approach the German consumers in an emotional level, seeking for the consumer to travel through time and space and remembers the freshness of a natural and adventurous holyday (resembling a trip to South America).


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